2016 United States Swim School Recipient

Head Swim Consultant, Andy Broido, is known worldwide as a leader in the aquatics industry.

With over 45 years of experience developing competent swimmers and running a large multi-location swim school, Andy wanted to share her knowledge with like-minded child activity centers.

In 2011, Andy launched Swimconsultant.com, a leading full-service management and consulting firm to the child activity center community. Serving child activity centers, as well as, gyms & preschools in the USA and internationally, Swim Consultant specializes in curriculum development, teacher training, on-site visits and more.

Andy is a frequent presenter at multiple USSSA conferences and holds several industry memberships including:

United States Swim Schools Association (USSSA) 2016 Hall of Fame Recipient 

United States Swim Schools Association (USSSA) since 1989

Past Board Member of USSSA

One of the original members of the USSSA Infant Toddler Educator Training

Committee and Presenter for their course

National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Swim Australia

Safe Kids

Andy’s personal passion is her family dogs, which she has taught to be safer around water.