Customized Curriculum

Targeted Curriculum for Every Level of Development

Ensuring your swim instructors are properly trained to teach any swimmer is imperative to the success of your business.

Learn what sets our industry recognized a la carte eLearning curriculum apart.

Curriculum Progressions

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Learn the foundation skills necessary to a child’s development both in & out of the water.

Discover the skills young swimmers need to successfully graduate from their Parent & Me classes to learning directly with their instructor. ​

Gain access to the transitional skills swimmers need as they graduate from Big Arms to Side Breathing, Streamlines & more!​

Although many adults don’t believe it, it is never too late to learn how to swim. Learn the specific techniques to keep adults comfortable and open to learn this essential skill.​

What Our Customers Say

We were greatly impressed by your curriculum at first, we had heard about your system, and how you managed all the skills. Our expectations were high and you were absolutely outstanding- you left me speechless! Every Friday morning I have training sessions with all of my staff, involving them in all the parts of the process along with watching videos and holding Q&A sessions. Having you on board will definitely be a great experience, refreshing, interesting, and overall an enlightening endeavor. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that has a swimming school. I wish I had known you before. Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to seeing you here in our beautiful city.
Club Canada
Ceci Rubio
Founder of Club Canada Mexico