We had the pleasure of working with Beth Morphis and her team as they expanded their gymnastics facilities to incorporate a learn-to-swim program. 

“Bringing Andy Broido to our facility for an onsite visit has been one of the best investments we have made in our swim school. Through her observations, and in water training, our teachers have been given new tools and knowledge that facilitate consistent, efficient and effective teaching. We highly recommend Andy Broido and SwimConsultant.com !”

Sharron Crowley

Owner and Founder of Aquaventures Swim Centre

“All there is to say about Andy Broido and swimconsultant.com is that it rocks! She has been instrumental in helping Swimming Safari open our brand new indoor facility. With her help we were able to grow to more than 25 staff members and over 1,200 lessons a week in our first summer…. Joining Andy and the swimconsultant.com is one of the best business decisions our swim school has made, and we really couldn’t have done it with out her! Thanks, ANDY!”

Casey Del Prete

Swimming Safari

Andy’s main objective is to design staff training and teaching systems to support your swim school curriculum. When both my staff and I were running on empty this summer, Andy jumped right in and helped light a fire under my coaching staff. Andy’s down to earth, direct and effective presentation style was well received by the entire staff. Within 24 hours they had digested many of her creative teaching ideas and systems for class organization and the improvement was fast and furious! For a relatively minimal investment Andy will come right in and accurately diagnose your swim school staff’s weaknesses. She will give you concrete solutions to problems, a pep talk along with a gentle kick in the pants! Before class was over the staff invited her back to watch their progress.

Karen King

Founder of United States Swim Academy

“We were greatly impressed by your curriculum at first, we had heard about your system, and how you managed all the skills. Our expectations were high and you were absolutely outstanding- you left me speechless! Every Friday morning I have training sessions with all of my staff, involving them in all the parts of the process along with watching videos and holding Q&A sessions. Having you on board will definitely be a great experience, refreshing, interesting, and overall an enlightening endeavor. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that has a swimming school. I wish I had known you before. Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to seeing you here in our beautiful city.”

Ceci Rubio

Founder of Club Cañada Mexico

I can’t thank you enough for spending the time with us over the past couple days. It was invaluable and all the staff are really excited to start implementing things right away. :O) The parents loved watching the transformations as well!! You are a fabulous coach and awesome to work with. It’s amazing to watch you work your magic on not only the children but the staff and how you “gently” step in and show them without making them feel threatened or insecure. You really do have a way with people, that most people could only wish to possess.

Coach Shannon

Founder of Flow Aquatics