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For over 45 years Andy Broido has become a worldwide leader in the aquatics industry by scaling multiple swim schools and developing a proven curriculum.



Andy Broido


Head Swim Consultant, Andy Broido, is known worldwide as a leader in the aquatics industry.

With over 45 years of experience developing competent swimmers and running a large multi-location swim school, Andy wanted to share her knowledge with like-minded child activity centers.

In 2011, Andy launched Swim Consultant, a leading full-service management and consulting firm to the child activity center community. Serving child activity centers, as well as, gyms & preschools in the USA and internationally, Swim Consultant specializes in curriculum development, teacher training, on-site visits and more.

Andy is a frequent presenter at multiple USSSA conferences and holds several industry memberships including:

Andy’s personal passion is her family dogs, which she has taught to be safer around water.

Robin Eisenberg

Vice President

Robin has years of business experience and is here to help you with leadership development or any of your business administration needs. Her experience with training and strategic planning can help take your school to the next level. She develops and brings customized trainings to our members when they need them most. Robin also works closely with the building and expansion team.


Galen Broido


Galen is here to discuss the E-Learning platform. Learn about how you can use the trusted Swim Consultant curriculum or use your own curriculum for online and in-person learning. You’ll learn how to easily track your team’s progress, assign goals and include your orientation all in one place. Galen also works closely with the building and expansion team.

Adrienne Beauchamp


Adrienne is working with child activity centers to assist them in realigning their business processes and developing useful KPIs in order to make informed business decisions. Adrienne also works closely with the building and expansion team. Adrienne grew up loving and living in the water as an avid summer league swimmer and dive team member.  Adrienne is the founder of Encore Retail Consulting. 


Marcella Miciano


Marcella is here to help you empower your team. Did you know learning something NEW or just the process of “learning” can be a healthier way of living? Participate in fun training exercises where we will share benefits and takeaways you can share with your team, family or community to help all of us be healthier, smarter and more fulfilled people. 

Annette Bogen


Annette Bogen began working on the administrative side of Quality Swimming in Boca Raton FL over twenty years ago. In 2011 she became a part owner of Quality Swimming. Annette’s forte is all things in the office. This includes JackRabbit, Quickbooks and integration of these systems. She is a pro at establishing office procedures and can give clear advice on topics such as creating pool rental agreements. We welcome Annette to the Swim Consultant team.