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Get advice from Swim Consultant and our trusted vendors who are committed to your success.

Weekly Virtual Membership Calls

We host weekly calls for our members to share important topics, network with industry leaders and child activity centers around the globe and learn from one another.
You can attend a few of our meetings for FREE before signing up for a monthly membership!

Video Library and

You have access to a wealth of educational resources in text and video form. You are free to share these materials with your whole team or use them more selectively as you see fit. Access these resources by discussing with a Swim Consultant Coach about what you are interested in or by logging into our Online E-Learning Platform.

Online E-Learning

You and your team will have access to a personalized E-Learning platform for your school. Here you’ll be able to view and share the Swim Consultant Educational resources. 

You can also set-up your whole orientation process here as well as your curriculum.

Bi-Weekly Calls With Consultants

Meet with the same or different Swim Consultants bi-weekly to discuss and solve issues or challenges in your business. We are available to assist your with a range of topics. 

Each of our Consultants have a different area of expertise, so you may meet with all of us at some point or another!

Structured Safety Program

Launch your swim school’s Safety program based on our customizable safety program complete with statistics, Safety Day programs and hand-outs.

Emergency Action Plan

Know what to do no matter the emergency. Our Action Plan covers incidents from severe weather to un-balanced pool chemicals.

Administrative Forms

Integrate our suite of done-for-you administrative forms into your swim school. Complete with everything from weekly schedules, sub forms, availability forms, daily shift reports, opening and closing checklists, absentee procedures and weekly leader reports.

Parent & Employee Handbooks

Keep employees and parents up-to-date when you use our Parent and Employee Handbooks. Schools can choose to drop in their school name and use the document as is or pick and choose what they would like to include.

Curriculum Add-Ons:

  1. Purchase the complete Swim Consultant Curriculum and view it on the E-Learning Platform .


  2. Our Customized Curriculum options allows swim schools to use their existing swim school curriculum, skills and videos to our online platform, allowing employees to learn on every device. 

Our clients say...

““For the past two months I have had the wonderful pleasure to have Andy Broido from Swim Consultants teaching classes with us twice a week at Just Swim. I first met Andy about 17 years ago when we first started  Just Swim.   I have learned a lot from Andy throughout the years.  Over the last couple of months of teaching side by side with her,  I can truly say, it has been an absolutely amazing experience.  She shares her wealth of knowledge with our instructors and has brought a fresh set of eyes to our program.  Being able to add new techniques to our program has energized our staff and as one of our young Coaches commented “she shows us several new variations of how to teach the same skills.“  We are always open to learning new ideas and improving our program and are extremely fortunate to have Andy teaching with us.   What is even more amazing,  is to watch Andy when one of her students accomplishes a new skill.  Andy’s level excitement and enthusiasm  is off the chart.  She actual jumps up and down and celebrates the achievement with her students and screams “she did it! She did it!”    Her passion for teaching is second to none.  We love having Andy working with us in the water and now by also adding the Just Swim staff training online, we will be able to train our new & current staff more effectively and efficiently.  Thank you and Andy and Swim Consultants.””

Jeff Gershe

Founder and owner of Just Swim


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Premier Membership



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