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Customized Curriculum

It's Time To Digitize Your Curriculum
Did you know that Swim Consultant will do all the heavy lifting for you? We follow a simple step-by-step process to get your curriculum on our online E-Learning platform in no time!

How It Works

1. We meet via Zoom so that Swim Consultant can understand your unique needs.

2. Swim Consultant assists with making any updates to your existing curriculum or helping you create one from scratch.

3. Swim Consultant puts your content in a digital format ready for viewing on our online E-Learning platform.

4. You and your team get an orientation in how to add users, track progress and more!


Putting You First

  • Your content is private to your team only
  • Email Swim Consultant when you want updates made to the structure or content of the curriculum
  • Web maintenance and security management

Customized Curriculum and support on our E-Learning Platform are available to Swim Consultant Members.

Hear Directly from our clients!

“We have been using Swim Consultant’s E-Learning Platform for a year. We love that our curriculum has a home that is easy to access and very user-friendly for our team training.

This platform allows for us to train team members in all positions from Lifeguarding, Swim Teaching and Management!

We’ve found that the training timeline has improved tremendously. We are able to get team members trained in half the time as before when we were without an online training system. We’ve also found that the consistent, streamlined training across eight Njswim locations has shown to be extremely effective and we love having one place for all Njswim team members!”

Julia Eckhardt

Highlands Regional Manager Roxbury & Sparta Partner Njswim Lakeside & Njswim Brick

Swim Schools Using Customized Curriculums

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