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Professional Membership

Educational Resources

Our consultants work with swim schools to streamline and scale their facilities.

Learn From Industry Experts, Gain Access to Valuable Resources and Digitize Your Employee Training.

Live Membership Meetings

We live meetings for our members to share important topics, network with industry leaders and child activity centers around the globe and learn from one another.
You can attend a few of our meetings for FREE before signing up for a monthly membership!

Video Library and

You have access to a wealth of educational resources in text and video form. You are free to share these materials with your whole team or use them more selectively as you see fit. Access these resources by discussing with a Swim Consultant Coach about what you are interested in or by logging into our Online E-Learning Platform.

Online E-Learning

You and your team will have access to a personalized E-Learning platform for your school. Here you’ll be able to view and share the Swim Consultant Educational resources. 

You can also set-up your whole orientation process here as well as your curriculum.

Curriculum Ad-Ons:

  1. Purchase the complete Swim Consultant Curriculum from infants through adults. Staff members complete their training and have access to various resources on our online E-Learning platform.


  2. Our Customized Curriculum option allows swim schools to use their existing swim school curriculum, skills and videos on our online E-Learning platform. Staff members complete their training and have access to various resources.

Our clients say...

Andy and the Swim Consultant team are outstanding. The wealth of knowledge and experience Andy and her team have, is only outmatched by their passion to help others succeed! As a swim consultant member, I know I have access to the resources and support that I need to overcome any business challenge that crosses my path. Every time I have been in a crisis or need help solving a new problem, I know I can reach out and find an immediate lifeline of support.

One of Andy’s greatest strengths is her ability to keep members connected throughout the year. Swim Consultant’s weekly webinars are both insightful and relevant to the common challenges of running a child-centered business. Thank you to Andy and her team for their exceptional contribution to helping our businesses succeed.”

Casie Shore

Founder and owner of swim to shore swim school


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