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The Swim Consultant Curriculum

Swim schools who use our curriculum have the freedom to personalize the program to best fit their needs.  

Our curriculum provides the tools to teach water safety in a child centered atmosphere.

About Our Curriclum

Each swim school that uses the Swim Consultant curriculum is equipped with the tools to be successful not only in the pool but in educating and expanding the knowledge to staff, parents and children.

The techniques, language and organization of this curriculum has been in the works for over 30 years. Throughout the years Swim Consultant has been constantly updating skills to improve lesson quality. The wonderful part about this curriculum is that our system helps teachers find which tools are most helpful to them. We provide lesson plans to swim schools and then help them customize them to their individual needs.


Instructor Training

In our curriculum, all skills are taught in the same order no matter the age of the student. The skills are then divided between babies, toddlers, school age children and adults. Swim instructors are required to complete extensive training and quizzes before they are allowed to teach the course.

Training includes descriptions of the skills being taught, guidance in class management, video aids of skills and more. Swim instructors are also provided with the prerequisites, emphasis and goals of each level. This ensures that they can communicate to parents where in the program their child is placed and what is expected to progress.

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