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Four Helpful Steps To Build a Culture of Leadership


It is summertime in the swim school and who has time or energy to think about what you as owners and managers need to do to build your future leadership team? Swim Consultant has four helpful steps and then some things to consider how to start building a culture of leadership. 

  1. Identify talent that others overlook.
  2. Attract them to a vision bigger than themselves. You don’t need a big program to attract great leaders; you need a vision worth following.
  3. Develop them to go further than they thought possible. Don’t just see people as a means to accomplish tasks. See tasks as a means to develop people. Set an example. Do it with your feedback.
  4. Empower them to fulfill their goals. If you delegate, you will build followers. If you delegate authority, you will build leaders.

 In June, Swim Consultant began Cohort #5 of our Emerging Leaders specifically designed for four clients who each had a group of potential leaders who showed interest in growing and developing their potential. In the Fall, watch for announcements about Cohort #6 as well as Cohort #3 of our Leadership Academy which helps those who are experienced leaders or those who have completed Emerging Leaders further develop skills. Swim Consultant is also available to customize a Leadership Development programs for your Leaders or your entire staff.


Please feel free to reach out for more information.


Robin Eisenberg

Vice President Swim Consultant

[email protected]